2018 Inkas Superior APC

Although not included in commercial vehicles, we will also mention the latest 2018 Inkas Superior APC. It is known that Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing (based in Canada) also works armor for passenger vehicles. This angry APC is used to transport personnel during rescue operations on all kinds of terrain. First of all, as an armored medical evacuation vehicle (AMEV), that is, for transporting wounded people. In my opinion, exceptional mobility and dependability make it better than all competitive vehicles.

2018 Inkas Superior APC design

2018 Inkas Superior APC design and specs

Built-in is a Ballistic Level 7 armor (BR7), which stop high-power rifle fire, that is, explosions equivalent to a pair of hand grenades. Also has a hydraulic rear ramp system that facilitates the loading and unloading of wounded passengers. In addition, there is an optics package with PTZ infrared and thermal imaging. Too, provided is the protection of the seats and the floors from explosions. There is also powered wired mesh like glass shield. Unfortunately, we do not know if there is self-contained ventilation system to fend off biological or nuclear hazards.

2018 Inkas Superior APC interior

Exterior dimensions 2018 Inkas Superior APC are truly impressive: lenght 271.9 inch (6906 mm), width 100.6 inch (2554 mm), height 110.4 inch (2805 mm), while the wheelbase 169.1 inch (4294 mm). Placed at the Inkas Superior’s modular platform with five doors, three escape hatches and one ramp. The weight is 33,000 lbs (13,608 kg), while the towing capacity is 18,000 lbs (8,165 kg). Intended for the transport of 14 personnel or up to 2 personnel and 6 wounded passengers.

2018 Inkas Superior APC dashboard

2018 Inkas Superior APC engine

Embedded is a International inline six-cylinder diesel engine. Production is 330 hp and 950 lb-ft (1288 Nm) of torque. All-wheel drive is combined with the fifth-generation Allison 3000 push-button transmission. The maximum speed is limited to 81 mph (130 mph). Also has a packet of drivetrain and suspension modifications, suitable for all terrain conditions. There is also an electro-hydraulic fuel system. Fuel consumption is unknown to us.

2018 Inkas Superior APC price

The price 2018 Inkas Superior APC

Although it will have a high price, the 2018 Inkas Superior APC is extremely suitable for law enforcement, paramilitary and peacekeeping operations.

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