2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY

The story of the “Carlex Pickup Design” models ends with the 2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY. It’s significantly different from the standard Fiat Fullback, and apart from a few slight cosmetic differences, it’s almost identical to the Mitsubishi L200 LUCKY. It is currently available for direct orders, but will be on sale throughout the next year, with the exception that it is limited to only 500 pieces. Of course, each one has a Limited Edition plaque with an individual number. All in all, in addition to the other Carlex pickup models, we consider the Nissan Navara NAVY and Volkswagen Amarok AMY as the main rivals.

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY design

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY design and specs

Carlex design features a lot of exterior elements (13 unique parts with special paint and high resistance against damage): radiator grille, bonnet covers, front and rear bumper, rear lights frames and rear spoiler, arch extensions and fuel intake cover. In addition, it has a V8 Maxhaust sound booster exhaust system and a Lazer LED light bar on the roof. In the cabin has a top quality Nappa leather upholstery (by Carlex Design). Also, the seats are coated with Nappa leather, and the modified steering wheel is covered with plain and perforated leather. Built-in front and rear automatic air-conditioning and 6.1-inch touchscreen.

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY exterior

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY placed on 18-inch aluminum wheels (black rims) with 18-inch BFGoodrich All Terrain tires. Exterior dimensions: lenght 235.4 inch (5979 mm), width 76.4 inch (1940 mm), height 72.9 inch (1851 mm), while the wheelbase 118.2 inch (3003 mm). It offers a double cab with four doors. Extremely comfortable cabin can accommodate up to five passengers. There are eight colors of exterior available. Certainly, it will be heavier than 2018 Fullback, probably with the same towing capacity and payload.

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY interior

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY engine

As things stand now, it will probably only have a 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The production of this engine is 152 hp and 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque. Only four-wheel drive is available, combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. Combined fuel consumption is about 34 mpg.

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY price

2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY price

As for cost, it is certain that the 2019 Fiat Fullback FULLY will be significantly more expensive than the standard Fiat Fullback. We assume that the base price will be around € 45,000 ($ 51,230).

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