2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY

In addition to five other models, the Polish Company “Carlex Pickup Design” has significantly improved the 2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY. Compared to the 2018 Amarok, the outer and inner elements differ significantly, while the drive systems are without significant changes. You can get this pickup only with a direct order, but only 500 copies are planned. Of course, all models have a unique number plate. First of all, they compete Toyota Hilux HILLY, but Fiat Fullback FULLY is also significant.

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY design

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY design and specs

Built-in large lights with black trim, roof LED light bar, narrow rear spoiler on the top of the tailgate, and a metallic gray bashplate. There are noticeable a few hard plastic elements and other inserts in the bumper, as well as a large front mesh air hole. The interior is characterized by combined leather and fabric trim in black with beige inserts. There are leather seats and steering wheel, climate control and a 6-inch LCD display.

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY exterior

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY is available as a double cab with four doors. In an extremely comfortable cabin, it is possible to accommodate five passengers. The external dimensions are the same as for the standard model. Also, the weight, payload and towing capacity are identical. They are made on 18-inch aluminum wheels (wheel-arch flares and black rims) with BF Goodrich all-terrain tires.

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY interior

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY engine

Although we have said that the drive systems are the same as for standard models, they will probably have only one engine. As we learn, it’s a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine with direct fuel injection. This engine has 221 hp, while the torque is 406 lb-ft (550 Nm). It is combined with a 8-speed automatic transmission. The drive is all-wheel-drive, but it’s not known whether it will have a rear-wheel drive. Fuel consumption is about 30 mpg.

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY price

2019 Volkswagen Amarok AMY price

Limited Edition 2019 The Volkswagen Amarok AMY will be available in the autumn of this year, as well as throughout the year 2019. It was announced that the base model would cost € 48,650 ($ 55,525).

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